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Anderson Appraisal Services provides accurate home valuation solutions at low cost and at unprecedented speeds.

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Establishing and monitoring the fair market value in an ever-changing market is crucial to reducing non-performing inventory while mitigating losses. An appraiser is the most qualified professional to provide this information. Anderson Appraisal Services provide a suite of products designed to provide accurate valuations, property details and market conditions while controlling costs and maintaining efficiency.

Reo Appraisals/Default Valuations

Our foreclosure and short sale appraisal services and products are engineered to address the needs of

  • Homeowners in default
  • Banks with real estate owned, mortgage lenders, HUD, FHA, law firms, and loan servicers with properties owned, in default or in the short sale proces

Real Estate Owned Properties

For real estate owned properties (REOs), the holders need access to accurate information to make critical business decisions such as:

  • The fair market value and quick disposition value
  • A detailed list of all necessary repairs and predicted costs of improvements
  • And existing market conditions, inventory levels and required exposure times.

Pre-Foreclosure Properties

Our appraisal and valuation services cover pre-foreclosure properties as well as loss mitigation and due diligence scenarios. Our appraisals, evaluations and automated valuations provide reliable valuations which allow you to customize your business specific process for managing distressed assets. Our appraiser-driven solutions provide a high degree of confidence and quality while offering unprecedented speed of delivery and cost-savings superior to BPO’s and other hybrid products.

Short Sales

In a potential short sale when the borrower is asking the lender to accept a short payoff, it’s critical to get an unbiased, professional valuation by a qualified appraiser. During the financial crisis, this process was abused by unscrupulous owners and agents taking advantage of the system. The team at Anderson Appraisal services is comprised of ethical, professionals that can provide well-developed, compliant valuations at the speed and price points needed in the short sale process.

Why Choose Anderson Appraisal Services?

With our deep knowledge of every market in San Diego County combined with the most advanced valuation platform in the appraisal industry. We are uniquely positioned to provide services and valuation options which can be tailored to meet your REO, Short Sale and loan servicing needs.


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Real Estate Appraisal Report Recommendations

Anderson Appraisal Services provides accurate, well-developed appraisals available in a wide range of report formats engineered for the different stages of the REO and loan servicing process. We utilize our proprietary valuation platform and market-specialization to provide reports which are more accurate and cost-effective than BPO’s and other hybrid products.

We can provide instant valuations or monitor a property’s value on a predetermined process allowing you to stay abreast of values and market conditions.


Our lower cost, quick turnaround appraisal option. We leverage our technology-assisted process to derive a property’s value, which can be used at multiple stages in the foreclosure process.

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Our technology-assisted valuation process is utilized to produce a professionally developed appraisal with detailed property information and thorough valuation and market analysis.

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Professional Associations

We are members of or affiliated with the industries’ leading professional organizations to pursue our professional growth and awareness of the most recent industry trends and educational opportunities.

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As a real estate investor, I have had the opportunity to work with several different appraisers. The one that really stands out for San Diego real estate is Anderson Appraisal Services. In my experience, they are the most knowledgeable and professional appraisal company in San Diego. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for an accurate, well-developed appraisal. –

Scott Hagen